What is Insurance Fraud? Fraud is simply theft by trick or deception.  Insurance Fraud can be as simple as an exaggerated insurance claim where a claim is made for something that either didn't exist or it is given a greater value than it would normally have.  Insurance Fraud is also when a policy holder claims for an event that never existed or was deliberately staged.

How do I recognise if a fraud is being committed on me or on someone close to me? There is an old adage, "if something doesn't seem quite right - it generally isn't."   Also if something appears "too good to be true - it generally isn't."

What should I do if I suspect an Insurance Fraud is being committed? You can contact the IFBA Hotline and give the information whilst remaining anonymous, if you wish.  All information (other than the identity of the caller) is assessed by our fraud expert and passed to the appropriate insurance company for investigation. You can also report the matter to your local police station.

What if I don't know who the insurance company is that I suspect may be the victim of a fraud? It is not necessary to know which insurance company may be the victim of the suspected fraud that you report.  The IFBA can, in most instances, identify the appropriate insurance company and pass on your information.

How is my identity protected and not divulged to an insurance company? The IFBA is not an insurance company and is independent of all insurance companies.  All information regarding the identity of a caller to the IFBA is treated as Strictly Confidential and not released to any third party without the express permission of the caller.

Is there a reward for giving the IFBA information regarding a suspected Insurance Fraud? At this stage there is no Insurance Fraud Reward Scheme.  If a caller wishes to provide information regarding a suspected Insurance Fraud for a reward they could contact the Crime Stoppers office in their jurisdiction and seek advice from them.