Why should you report your knowledge about insurance fraud?

Because it is wrong, illegal and costs honest policyholders each and every year. Reporting fraud is the right thing to do.

Report fraud

A number of initiatives are underway to enhance the industry's capacity to identify currently undetected insurance fraud activity. The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Australia (IFBA) established by Insurance Council of Australia members in December 2010, is coordinating an industry response.

We will shortly be launching a new portal for reporting fraud, in the meantime, to report suspected fraud, please email IFBA and supply the following details:

1. your name
2. your preferred email address
3. your contact number
4. the full name of the person(s) that you believe may be committing insurance fraud
5. description of the suspected fraud

Additional details if known:

1. the DOB of the person(s) you believe may be committing insurance fraud
2. the full address of the location where you believe the fraud occurred
3. date of incident, if known

Data from the official ICA website: www.insurancecouncil.com.au/consumers/insurance-fraud/