Report Fraud

Report Fraud

Why should you report your knowledge about insurance fraud?

Because it is wrong, illegal and costs honest policyholders each and every year. Reporting fraud is the right thing to do.

To report your information on suspected insurance fraud to the IFBA you have 3 options:

1. Submit a secure form

2. Send an Email

3. Call the Hotline

You can make a report on suspected insurance fraud by emailing the IFBA team.

More than 5 million individual claims are lodged every year in Australia. Make sure that you provide as much detail as possible, so that IFBA can match the information with a claim that has been lodged.

You should try to include details covering, what happened, who you believe did it, where it occurred, when it happened and any other details that might help to identify the claim (eg, a care registration).

During normal business hours you can call the IFBA Hotline to provide information on what you know about insurance fraud.

The IFBA Hotline can be reached during normal business hours at

1800 600 444